P3K Rated Punters – 2021

D1 FBS Ready

D1 FBS Power 5 Ready

D1 FBS Group 5 Ready

D1 FCS Ready

D2 Ready

D2 Potential

D3 Ready

Developing with Minor Adjustments

Still Developing

Rank First Name Last Name Graduation Year State Offers Committed Last Camp Attended Prospect
1 Jack Meyer 2021 WI UW-Stout N/A D1 FBS Group 5 Ready
2 Josh Castro 2021 MN Mullenburg College (PA) Mullenburg College (PA) D1 FBS Group 5 Ready
3 Connor Reynolds 2021 MN N/A N/A D1 FCS Ready
4 Carter Jensen 2021 MN N/A N/A D2 Ready
5 Brian Knudslien 2021 MN Minnesota State University- Moorhead Minnesota State University- Moorhead D3 Ready
6 Josh Keller 2021 MN U of Sioux Falls (SD) U of Sioux Falls (SD) D3 Ready
7 Josh Meyer 2021 IA N/A N/A Developing with Minor Adjustments

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