P3K Rated Kickoffs –

D1 FBS Ready

D1 FBS Power 5 Ready

D1 FBS Group 5 Ready

D1 FCS Ready

D2 Ready

D2 Potential

D3 Ready

Developing with Minor Adjustments

Still Developing

Rank First Name Last Name Graduation Year State Prospect Last Camp Attended Committed
1 Rodrigo Castaneda Transfers MN D1 FBS Power 5 Ready August 23, 2002 N/A
2 Jack Meyer Transfers WI D1 FCS Ready August 6, 2023 U of South Dakota
3 Henrik Grude Transfers Norway (Exchange Student) D1 FCS Ready June 24, 2023 Undecided
4 Caleb Fogelquist Transfers MN D2 Ready January 24, 2024 N/A
5 Noah1 Schmidt Transfers ND D3 Ready April 26, 2022 N/A
6 Julius Eriksen Transfers Denmark/MN D3 Ready November 6, 2022 RCTC (MN)
7 Maya Turner Transfers MN D3 Ready June 24, 2023 N/A
8 Bryan Martinez-Zavala Transfers IA Developing with Minor Adjustments November 6, 2022 Iowa Central JUCO
9 Troy Roney Transfers NC Still Developing December 31, 1969 N/A
10 Megan Dixon Transfers MN Still Developing August 6, 2023 Minnesota Vixen

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